Community Forum

Read and share… You’re not alone!

This is the place to relax and and be “yourself” while still maintaining your privacy. Post in general discussion, hone in on lesson topics… even join a special Interest Group inside the Community of Pathfinder members who are at a similar place in life.

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Accountability Buddy

Help Each Other Meet Goals

One of the best ways to continue moving forward in a self-paced program like Pathfinder is to have an Accountability Buddy (AB). This is a fellow Pathfinder member with whom you can have weekly check-in calls.

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Personal Inventory

Start your Journey to Self-Mastery with a baseline

The Personal Inventory tool allows you to score yourself on a wide variety of life skills that impact your confidence and your ability to get things done and reach your goals.

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Work It Sessions

Know you’re not alone in Pathfinder

Every Monday, live on Zoom…

The world may be “on pause” but life goes on. With ADHD, we particularly need some structure, and perhaps some focus help to get things done.

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Live Webinars


Approximately once a month, you’ll be invited to a “bonus” live webinar, followed by Q&A.

These extra webinars give you the chance to learn about an ADD-related challenge before it might have come up in your lessons.

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Office Hours

Live sessions to “Ask Anything”

There are two live Pathfinder Office Hours sessions every month: one afternoon time and one evening (in US Eastern time).

You’ll be sent several reminder emails prior to each Office Hours session with information how to access the next session.

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